Gas to Liquid (GTL) Systems

Monetize stranded gas, landfill gas or biogas into High Quality Diesel Produced from Gas to Liquids System

Iconic Energy Solutions has Gas to Liquid (GTL) Systems that can monetize your stranded, Waste Solution / Landfill Gas into a High-Quality Diesel Fuel (ASTM D975 compliant). These systems generate revenue, with approximate payback from 3 to 7 years, depending on economies of scale. These systems significantly lower your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions footprint.

The Solution Gas passes through a Reformer to make “Syn Gas”. The “Syn Gas” goes into a Fischer Tropsch (FT) Reactor and Synthesizer to make “drop-in” Diesel to ASTM D975 specifications. With a Cetane # of 75 (versus ASTM D975, minimum 40) and a Lubricity # of 340 (versus ASTM D6079, maximum 520), your diesel engine will perform.

 trailer-mounted demonstration unit can be located temporarily at your site so you can see how it works. Permanent Systems are mounted on 8’ x 40’ skid modules, allowing for:

  • quick and less expensive installation & commissioning
  • simpler scaling-up of capacity
  • ease of relocation to other sites